Safeway: HUGE Sale on Cleaning Supplies!


I just got back from Safeway where they are having a great sale on cleaning supplies.  They are running a Buy 3 Get $3 Off promo, and you can see from above that means some cleaning supplies are as low as $.29 each when you buy 3!

*Dawn Duo Scrubber Sponge Cloth $1.99 (regularly $2.99)
*Ultra Sparkle Bob $0.29 (regularly $2.99)
*Ultra Stainless Steel Scrubber 2 pk $0.29 (regularly $1.99)
*Disinfecting Wipes $1.49 (regularly $2.59)
*Steel Wool Soap Pads $1.29 (regularly $2.49)

Also included in this was some Mr. Clean Wipes and Sponges for $.29.  Hurry, my store was sold out of several of the items!  Promo ends 2/26.

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